Vintage Inspired Interior Design For Restaurant

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According to fit out contractors in Dubai, restaurant owners are showing more and more interest in vintage style designs. The growing trend and demand for such designs is because of the increasing popularity of themed restaurants.

Vintage has been one of the most sought-after themes for restaurants in Dubai. There are more and more fit out contractors in Dubai who are providing some excellent options for vintage designs.


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Here are some excellent usage of vintage inspired interior designs for restaurants –

  1. The color scheme: See to it that the color scheme that is selected for the restaurant speaks vintage. The place needs introduce itself when the customer walks in. Select some warm colors from the vintage era. You can go for light and dark colors but the one thing that you need to maintain is a proper balance.
  2. Go for vintage furniture:  Furniture elevates the overall look of a place. Selecting the right furniture is key to make the place standout and for vintage theme, go for some classy wooden furniture from the 80s and 90s. Take inspiration from some vintage restaurants.
  3. Chandelier fun: Make your restaurant look magnificent, something from the royal era by adding some chandeliers. They are the best way to illuminate your restaurant while it looks classy and elegant. You can also look some royal homes and make them your inspiration. Mimic their chandelier arrangement for a mesmerising look.
  4. An open chef’s counter: Remember the good old days when you could see a chef mixing the ingredients that became magically delicious? You could use the same concept for your vintage themed restaurant. An open chef’s cabinet will be a great idea for your customers to interact with the master.

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