Top places to go for shopping in Dubai

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The word shopping has become a synonym of Dubai and is also the spirit of Dubai. Lots of travelers visit Dubai each year and each of them have different things to explore, however none of them miss out on the chance of shopping in Dubai. In fact, the hotels that are closest to the best shopping places are often called the best hotels in Dubai and people chose to stay at these hotels only.  Not only for the travelers but also for the natives shopping has become the best hobby. While there are numerous shopping spots in Dubai it is not possible to cover all of these in a limited time. Hence, it is important that before you go for shopping you know which places are exactly the top places to go for shopping in Dubai. Some of the best shopping spots of Dubai are:

  • The Dubai shopping mall

Even though in a city like Dubai there is no shortage of malls, the Dubai shopping mall is still the quintessential place to buy anything and everything.  There are numerous shops and stores in this gigantic mall. All of the biggest brands of the world have an outlet in this mall and cater to the needs of the shopaholics. The architecture of this mall is nothing short of marvelous because of the presence of the beautiful aquarium, a ski-rink which is as big as the one you would see in Olympic Games and last but by no means a four storey tall waterfall. This mall is so amazing and popular that some of the best hotels in Dubai have made sure that they are located in close proximity to this. Hence do not miss out on the chance of exploring this place.

  • Global village

The global village is located on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and is probably the biggest and the most popular shopping festival all over the world. It is almost like a carnival for the people who want to spend big bucks and get flashy stuff for them. The carnival runs for a period of four months from November to February and it attracts visitors not only for shopping but also for enjoying other attractions like stunts and mesmerizing performances from the biggest and most popular artists of the world.

  • Karama Shopping center

When you are visiting a popular city it is always advisable to buy some souvenirs for yourself and for your friends and family back home. The Karama shopping center is the ideal place to buy these. Even though this shopping center is not as extravagant as the others, it has many street side shops selling handicrafts, true copies of watches of big brands and indigenous handicrafts.

  • Al-Fahidi Street

Dubai is a tax free city and if your are visiting this city you ought to take advantage of this fact by buying electronic products as these are cheaper here than the rest of the world. The ideal place to buy these products is the Al-Fahidi Street. However when buying something from here you should ask for an international warranty so that in case of any defects you may get a replacement even in your country.

So, it goes without saying that Dubai has lots to offer to someone who wants to buy cool stuff and spend money and now that you have all the knowledge you need for shopping there is nothing that should stop you from shopping!!!

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