Tips required when hiring an architect for your dream project.

Architects in Dubai

An engineer can make a house but an architect is the one who ends up making it a home. Only a few things are more exciting than building a new home or watching the old one change before our eyes. And the person who will affect the outcome of the dream project the most is usually the architect.

The architect’s plan about the interior and architectural design will dictate the ultimate appearance and function of the home. So, it is very important to get an architect who can make the dreams realistic and within the budget. Here are a few tips and guidelines to ease the process,


  • It is always better to ask someone like family, friends or colleagues before doing something big as this.
  • Who knows, the right architect might just be around the corner.
Architects in Dubai

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Internet is the limit

  • Before the interview stage, it is always better to search the internet for the profile of the architect.
  • The internet will give some info about the interior and architectural designs done by the architect previously.

Interview stage

  • The process of hiring and working with an architect will be made better if a design professional with the same taste is hired.
  • Always consider hiring an architect who gets along well with your family.

Here are a few questions that can be asked during the interview with an architect,

  1.   Can I see some examples of your work?
  2.   How would this project be approached?
  3.   What are some of the largest obstacles on a project like this?
  4.   How long will this project take for design, building permits and construction?

Post interview

Now that the perfect architect has been hired the next part will be to trust the architect’s ideas related to the interior and architectural designs.

Trust matters

  • An architect has to coordinate many disciplines; from the structural integrity of the house to the comfortability of heating and cooling and to electrical and civil engineering. Architects will have to pull all these disciplines together while designing.
  • In order to do this, homeowners should have a “give and take” attitude when designing with an architect, and not be rigid in their approach. But in the end the architect will know what’s best for the house.

Don’t forget to discuss your budget. Whether the plan is to spend 1000’s or millions, it’s important to be up front from the start.

A great architect will be able to get the best design with any buck, recommend trustworthy and experienced pros, guide your investment, and protect your interests during construction which can save time and money in the end.

A great architect might cost more than the usual but the amount of value that will be added at the end will be substantially very high.


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