Dubai’s eclectic skyline

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Dubai’s eclectic skyline: from wind-towers to architectural fantasies

Dubai's eclectic skyline

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers and amazing buildings like Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, Dancing Towers, Palm islands or may it be Burj Al Arab, one of the best hotels of Dubai. Dubai is considered as a perfect shopping destination both by Asians and Europeans. Dubai has got the image of modernized urban city.

Modern architecture of Dubai is vouched and praised by all. The ancient architecture of Dubai is still present in old buildings and courtyards and needs to be explored due to its amazing and historic values attached to it.

We will explore how Emirate’s ancient architecture has turned into modernized one in just a few decades.go to for more details.

Ancient Architecture

Prior to 19th century, Dubai was a small village consisting of a tribe “Emirs” and the province was called Emirates. The houses were built earlier in nomadic architecture. They were made of palm leaves also called barasti –technique. The houses were designed in a way to avoid scorching heat during day times. Temporary wind towers were built over the houses with wooden poles and dried leaves. Later the houses were built with imported cement and carols. The walls were built tall so that they create shadows in narrow streets. The narrow streets would converge in square areas just like a court yard.

The Wind Towers

Wind Towers also called barajils are the most distinguishing aspect of the architecture in the emirates. They are open on all the sides and would be in any shape or layout. The wind towers pull outs the warm air by transmission, and produce cool breeze. A ventilation system is compulsory citing hot and humid atmosphere in Dubai.

In the 70s, the fate of Dubai changed with the discovery and production of oil. The development began at rapid pace and people started to move to houses bearing modern architecture. The older and historical buildings wore neglected look and in 80’s the government started to pay attention to preserve this traditional heritage. Many such traditional buildings have been converted to best heritage hotels.

Modern Architecture

Production of oil in 70’s led to huge surge in the growth of Dubai. The first sky-touching building was a Dubai-WTC which is a 39-storey building. Burj khalifa is a world famous tallest architectural piece till date. Burj Al Arab is designed as a sail of ship and is the only 7-star,best hotel in Dubai and round the globe.

Meet the skyline

Driving on the roads of Dubai you will be exhaled with surprises on seeing diverse architectural show in the form of astonishing buildings or skyscrapers. One such example of architecture is Dubai National bank Building which is also called “Pregnant Lady’ due its curved design. Due to high temperature lot of money is being spent in cooling infrastructure.

Dubai's eclectic skyline

Along with this, visual diverse skyline hotels in Dubai, efforts are being put into development of resorts showcasing traditional Arabian Heritage and culture consisting of wind-towers, courtyards, high walls etc.get more related information at this website.

If you are well conversed with time-machine, you can easily relate experience of visiting any mall, hotel or museums with time-machine. Yes every building you visit has designed its unique theme which virtually takes you and reminds you of ancient times.