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How to select the best interior designer for your hotel

Hotel interior designing

When you build a hotel you want it to be the best, to be unique, to be popular and to be in a league of its own. Now almost all the hotels try to provide the best of services, the best of food and organize the best of events, however lately interior designing has become the key factor because without that, all of these will be ineffective as people don’t just want to dine they want to enjoy the ambiance too. The hoteliers of places like Dubai have understood this fact and this is why the top interior designers in Dubai have lately been much occupied. However, you cannot just hire any interior designer and expect good returns, thus there are certain factors that ought to be considered when hiring one, like:

  • Check out the previous creations

Before hiring any interior designer make sure that you check the past projects and creations. This will give you an idea about the style of working and also the potential to create new and unique projects. The previous projects also give an insight into whether the designer can handle complex and big projects. Previous projects are such a strong testimony of the skill set of the designer that if you meet Dubai’s top interior designers they will almost always carry a portfolio showing their previous creations because after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Meet the previous clients

While you are checking out the previous projects make sure you also interact with the previous clients as only they can tell you how efficient the designer or the firm actually is. You can ask various types of questions from the client like was the work finished in the stipulated time, how well does the designer dealt with tough deadlines and was there any innovation in the creations and in problem solving or was the designer only interested in following the popular trends.

Hotel interior designing


  • Check the prototype

Before the interior designer actually begins the work, ask for a prototype so that you may see the ideas and the planning. This will give you information about how well the designer can plan for your project and his visions. Also you will get to know about the level of technology the designer uses.

  • Make an agreement

Before the work begins make sure you ask everything about the prices and the timelines. Once these are decided upon, put everything on an agreement and add the clauses, carefully, that cover all types of issues and contingencies. Though this may seem  somewhat tedious task but it will give you the peace of mind.

Hence, before you rush on to meeting the first interior designer and hiring him make sure the above mentioned things are done because it is not that you design the interiors of your hotel every day, it is a very permanent investment of time, money and dreams and thus should be done carefully.