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Top 10 Birthday Cake Design

birthday cake

Birthdays are celebrated to ring in the new-year in a person’s lives. Thus, it is but obvious to expect the cake to be good looking, yummy and as per the person’s liking and personality.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning their creativity towards the cakes for their loved one’s birthdays, to show them how much they care for and love them through such small but meaningful gestures.

This is why best birthday cakes in Dubai are fast picking up trend. More and more people are getting cakes designed as per their loved one’s liking and preference. But creating the best birthday cakes in Dubai is not everyone’s cup of tea. The basic and major problem is to find out the right cake design that will go well with the flavor.

So here we have compiled a list of some of the cake designs that will surely help you get your loving message through:

party cake

  •         Toy shaped cakes: For your little bundles of joy, you can get them a birthday cake in shape of their favorite toy’s shape, color and design.
  •         Shopping bag for shopaholics: Every one of us knows one or the other shopaholic and what can be better than getting them a shopping bag shaped cake? You can create the cake design with a particular brand name written on it or simply a bag which looks to be full of various goodies and shopped items.
  •         Simple flowers and plants: For nature lovers, flowers and plant shaped cakes are best suitable. You can even go for flower or bouquet themed decoration instead of going for whole shape of a flower or plant.
  •         Minions shaped cake: Do we need to mention who are minions? Get your ‘crazy for minions’ friends and relatives a cake shaped as their minion, staring right at them with the happiest expression on its face and see the expression being reflected on your loved one’s face.
  •         Lego shaped cake: All of us have played and loved Legos in our childhood so why not recreate their magic with a Lego shaped cake?
  •         Picture cakes: Cakes having their pictures on them are best way to make our loved ones feel special and loved.
  •         Game of Thrones themed cake: With Game of Thrones returning, it is the best time to have a cake themed on the series for your GoT crazy buddy or sibling.
  •         Workoholics: For your workaholic partner, friend or sibling, get a cake shaped as suit or office bag and we bet you will love the expression on their face.
  •         Bibliophiles: Same as workaholics, you can get a cake designed as their favorite book or better still, a pile of books for your bibliophiles.
  •         Rainbow colored cake: You can get a rainbow colored cake for your loved ones who love rainbows or who have a lively and charming personality like a rainbow.

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