Important Things You Need To know In Setting Up Hotel Business In Dubai

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Because of the charm of hospitality, many people dream of starting their own hotel or bed and breakfast business in Dubai. But just like a company formation in Dubai, setting up a hotel business is not as easy as it might seem. It can be tough especially if you have no idea about this sector in Dubai. But again it is recommended to take the help of professional business advisors to get an accurate guidance on starting a hotel business in Dubai.
Here we have a list of the few important things that you must know when starting a hotel business in Dubai.

Get a license for your hotel
Just like for any company formation in Dubai, for establishing your hotel you will need a trade license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. The license will clearly state the activities that your hotel provides. You must also get an approval for the construction plans specified by the Food Control Department in Dubai. The blueprints of your hotel must include information like entry/exit passage, food processing and storage place, restroom facility and various others.

Follow the food code
If you desire to start a hotel business in Dubai, then you must follow the guidelines encompassed in the Food Code. Abiding by the rules and regulations stated by the Food Control Department of Dubai in the Food Code is a must, when you own any kind of food establishment in Dubai. All the requirements to be met for obtaining the safety of health of every consumer visiting such establishments are covered by the Food Code of Dubai.

Construction requirements for hotel in Dubai
The site of constructing the hotel must be appropriate providing ample space for the equipment to be used in this type of facility. The construction should be done in a way such that dirt and smoke can be evacuated easily. The building must also be protected from entry of pests.

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