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List of top 5 law firms in Dubai

Today the Internet is the best platform for selecting top law firms in Dubai. However, you should be careful because some of the websites provided misleading information about a particular law firm.Some of the features to consider while choosing a law firm are:-


  1. It has good reputation and experience in dealing with the areas of law you are looking for.
  2. Though you are liable to pay basic expenses, a good law firm should not force you to pay the expenses until you recover a good amount from damages caused to you.
  3. It must have qualified staff at the law firm, the staff should be aware of the matters pertaining to the particular area of law.
  4. The firm should be able to hire and retain the service of other professionals such as private investigators to have all the necessary information to help them win a particular case.
Sm law Firm

Sm law Firm

Dubai is a home large number of regional and international law firms which offer various legal services.y disputes. Here are the list of top five firms in Dubai:-

Al Tamimi and company Dubai An expert team of lawyers with offices in Dubai and UAE.

Al Safar & Partners advocates a legal consultants| Law Firm in Dubai United Arab Emirates – 

Award winning law firm in Dubai with an elite team of corporate, Litigation and dispute resolution, criminal, real estate, family lawyers etc.

Pro consult advocate Dubai-United Arab EmiratesLeading law firm in Dubai-highly capable in dealing with different complicated requirements of customers.

SM law firm Dubai –

It is a local law firm that is licensed you to offer legal and consultancy services as per International standards.

Legal Inz Dubai – Smart and affordable legal services for SME’s and individuals with a fixed fee and best lawyers in UAE.

Lawyers are of many types kinds, specializing in various subject to protect their clients are from circumstances that might later land them in troubles. It is said that good attorneys not only get you out of the troubles but also help you avoid them. If you’re looking for a good law firm visit SM Law Firm



Best Forex Trading Blogs

forex trading

The globalised currency foreign exchange market, known as Forex trading, is the decentralised market for currency trading and the largest market in the world when seen in terms of volumes in trading. The Forex market includes every aspect of buying, selling or exchanging currencies at either the current or the determined prices.

With foreign exchange trading becoming widespread, there are a plethora of blog sites which are exclusively dedicated to the subject. The internet is now flooded with Forex blogs which provide valuable information and insights into the currency market business. These blogs provide updated information which are valuable even for professional experts who have had years of trading behind them. So here are some of the best Forex blogs which can give you valuable inputs unline Trade24 about the latest trends in Forex trading.
forexcrunch.com: Maintained by Yohay Elam since 2008, forexcrunch.com provides you the latest updates on important industry news, fundamental and technical analysis and posts covering issues related to trading. The weekly forecast of the blog is humorous making for entertaining reading of the daily outlooks and news which it covers.

forex trade 24 cheaters

  • Currencythoughts.com

The currencythoughts.com blog site makes for good, informative and quick reading on Forex trading as commute to your workplace. Larry Greenberg, with his 35 years of valuable experience in international economics and the currency market, covers forex news from all over the world and provides in-depth analysis of current market events.

  • TradingNRG.com

The site is maintained by Lior Cohen, who has held key positions in the financial sector. The blog provides news and analyses matters which are related to energy-based products providing helpful inputs on oil and natural gas besides providing useful information on gold and silver.

  • Countingpips.com

The blog features areas related to finance in addition to dealing with articles and analysis related to Forex trading. Visitors to this blog would also find articles which would give them useful insights into future financial planning, including information on building towards retirement or how to work your way out of any debt. The short articles in this Forex blog, especially useful for those in the currency market, make this site stand out.

  • Thegeekknows.com

This site is ideal for beginners with its foreign exchange education section covering a vast range of topics ranging from forex software tools, management techniques on risks to tips on how to invest in weaker currencies. It is a useful and informative blog site with reports and opinion articles on Forex trading.

  • Forex mentor online

Although relatively new, the blog covers a vast range of articles ranging from price action trading to supply and demand. One of the most informative blogs, the site, is updated on a daily basis and provides a mine of information for both new and also experienced traders.

  • FX360.com

The blog has three in-house analysts providing information and breakdown on all current events which are most likely to have an impact on the Forex market. The website also covers information on various topics related to educational materials, important technical analysis and other events.
With an overabundance of blog sites dedicated to the Forex trading market, valuable insights into the blogs has become important for Forex traders to help them rely on only those which really add value.