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Tips to write a travel blog

Travelling is a passion of many people. And nowadays before travelling, all of the travel lovers first go through a travel blog and then choose their next travel destination to visit. A travel blog induces interest in people for visiting a new place. Reading about the place that would interest them and seeing the beauty of the place through the eyes of the blogger can give them a mental satisfaction and also an urge or curiosity to actually discover the place. Besides satisfying avid travellers, writing a travel blog can also fetch handsome money to any individual’s pocket by just sending back tantalising and adventurous stories to newspapers or websites etc. So if you are thinking to write a travel blog, follow the tips below that will help you frame it efficiently.

  1. Choose your niche: before you begin to write, it is always better to choose the kind of destinations or activities or particular subject about travelling that interest you. Attain perfect information in this area and share it in a style and a particular passion on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also comment on other travel writers’ articles who have a common niche as you. You can also participate in online forums and chats. This will introduce you as a travel writer to different people, widen your readership and draw a larger media outlet that may invoke your expertise and further publicize you.
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  1. Write eye-catching text: visitors of your blog would like to read an eye catching text that would make them feel as if they are actually seeing the place. Therefore, you should write in a way that appeals to the blog readers. Also provide accurate facts about the locations along with correct direction to the various tourist attractions. Give descriptions like scent of flowers, attracting mountain top views, etc. that help the readers connect immediately with the place you are writing about.
  2. Let the pictures and videos speak about the place: do not forget to click photos of the different landmarks, traditional clothing, dishes and beautiful landscapes. Ensure that the pictures are clear and vivid. This will help people see things with their eyes. Also make sure you write alluring captions with every image you click. You also must video tape the particular events of the location to make your post outstanding.
  3. Do not just keep it personal: in order to make yourself a renowned travel blogger, focusing on the content that you write for your blog is definitely a good thing, but limiting your interest only up to your blog isn’t fair enough. You must also write some travel articles for local newspapers and magazines. Also contact the editor of the website that you admire and contribute some content that requires the knowledge that you have. This will make you reach out to a number of editors and producers who might have been looking for the kind of expertise that you have to offer.