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Ethics that every photographer should keep in mind while keeping image manipulation.

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Manipulating, faking and staging of an image to an image very much dissimilar from the original for purposes of advertisement, to print in books and magazines, packaging and gallery artwork is called image manipulation. The newly created image protrudes a connotation very different from the original representation. Image manipulation can be used to deceit humans or also be used as a means to show the artistic talents hidden within a con artist. The process may also be referred to as airbrushing or photo-shopping if some tools such as Adobe Photoshop are used.

Things to keep in mind while manipulating an image

Since the early days of civilization, humans captured inevitable moments. Photographs can also cause harm if they are callously intrusive or manipulated. The things that should be kept in mind while taking photographs are that a photographer should not enter restricted areas with cameras. By doing so, he makes himself liable for penalty. Supposes photographer in Dubai decides to take a snap of the Burj Khalifa where cameras are not allowed. Such a situation may cause ethical issues. Even if his actions have no ill intentions, he is liable for penalty. A penalty may be a fine or a trip to the jail. There should be an open awareness about the restricted areas. Military areas, palaces, courts, government buildings and certain bridges should be avoided from being captured.

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              Image Manipulation

Suppose if during the tremors that were felt in Dubai during the 2014 earthquake, a photographer in Dubai clicked pictures of the affected areas. He might have to let go of his life if tremors of a major intensity arrived. Thus, rules should be formulated to save lives of people. For an instance if a photographer of Dubai writes a caption for one of his images then the caption should obey the ethical rules and therefore not hurt the sentiments of any person or any group. The captions should describe nature but needless to say these should not deploy offensive statements about a political group for any particular person. A photographer must treat each subject with dignity. He should give special consideration to vulnerable subjects. The copyright and censorship rules can also be a reason of great ethical concern if not abides by.

To budding photographers, it is not even evident that a mere image manipulation can be a violation of ethics. Upon questioning they tend to react in ways which clearly state they are unaware of the fact that this attempt of making a photograph better or removing distracting elements might pave a way for ethical problems. The sole reason of this issue is the lack of training given to these people. Image manipulation should protect the context of the original image and not mislead the people. Image manipulation can also be done in cases when a womans modesty is outraged. Here image manipulation can be a means to protect her name from being publicized on the context of falling prey to such a situation.