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6 Things You must do in Dubai

Things You must do in Dubai

Dubai is a growing city where there are so many things for you to do. The city is filled with human made wonders that will impress even the most experienced eye. Here are six things you have to do when you head to Dubai. Whether it comes to staying in cheap hotels in Dubai or enjoying the adventures and luxury, Dubai has its own charm.

#1 Visit the Burj Khalifa

This is the tallest artificial structure in the world and it is no surprise that it is on my list. This isn’t only the tallest building in the world but it also serves as a great place for a variety of activities. Some floors are filled with company offices while others with extravagant restaurants. The possibilities for this building are endless. Near the site you’ll find the Armani Hotel Dubai which is one of the top rated 5 star hotels in Dubai and right at your convenience near the Burj this latest news for more information.

#2 Check out Dubai Mall

This city is great to its residents and tourists. Dubai Mall is one of the biggest malls in the Middle East and is FILLED with all kinds of stores, brands and businesses. It also features a large aquarium and great food at the eateries on the ground floor. Right near the mall you’ll find the DAMAC Maison Hotel Dubai Mall Street which is another top 5 star hotels in Dubai where the price per night is very reasonable.

#3 Be amazed by the Dubai Fountains

This one for many is at the top of their list. At a very low price you get to experience a surprisingly beautiful show. The fountains are choreographed to a number of musical pieces that create an amazing combination of sight and sound. The Sofitel Downtown hotel in Dubai is a great choice for a hotel if the Dubai Fountains are on the top of your list.

#4 Travel using the Dubai Metro

The metro has been ranked as one of the most efficient and reliable public transportations in the world. Their service is great and is very timely in operation. The carts are extremely clean and very well maintained. Stations are located around the city and have been strategically placed to be easily found and reached. The Auris Metro Central Hotel has the metro right on its site so traveling from your sightseeing in the city back to your room will be easy and relaxing.

#5 Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Apart from being a one of the most modern cities in the world Dubai is also a country that tries its best to stay near its heritage and they make it very easy for tourists to be a part of it. This Arabian Adventure will bring you delicious food and tour guides that know exactly what they are talking about. They show you with a proper view of what Dubai truly is like.learn more information at

#6 Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai can get HOT and having a bottle of water is a must in order to survive. Having a world class water park is a top perk for the people in Dubai. Either you are bringing your kids for some water cooling fun or just heading there with your significant other to get away from the heat, this place will be a blast. Less than a kilometer away from the Water Park you’ll find Atlantis, The Palm Hotel which features great service, best hotels in Dubai, rooms and deals for the Aquaventure.

Where to stay in Dubai – a neighborhood guide

Where to stay in Dubai

Thinking of a lavish shopping destination, high rise buildings, exotic beaches or magnificent deserts, only one word comes to mind that is Dubai. Hotels in Dubai have been one of the favorite tourist as well as business destination of people around the globe.

After feeling modernity and hustle-bustle of Dubai, you can explore other neighborhood areas which are traditional and peaceful in nature. You will indeed find warm-hearted people there, always welcoming and willing to help you.
Let us peep into the areas which have been preferred as hot destinations to stay.


Also called mainland Dubai, is a good choice to stay on the western side of Dubai-creek.. It is well connected to airport through Red-Line Metro. You will find large number of historic mosques in this area along with a famous Iranian mosque. You will be able to see wind-towers, one of the highest minaret of district, museums and textile souks (open-air marketplace). The city is full of (small) malls, restaurants, exotic hotels and clubs. The percentage of western tourists is larger in this district. And moreover you do not have to worry about your safety in the region. The percentage of crime is far-far lesser than other western or Asian countries.check more additional tips about Dubai at this link.


Deira is separated from Bur-Dubai just by a creek. Both are just opposite to each other and one can reach Deira from bur-Dubai by hiring a boat taxi also called Abra. Deira is towards eastern Dubai Creek. Deira may not be as commercial like Bur-Dubai but Deira has its own charm of traditional Arabian looks and culture. Deira is famous for its souks. The open air markets here open early in the morning. You will find streets full of souks on both sides of streets.

Shopping experience can’t be much better than Diera. And if you are tired from shopping you can visit Deira’s beach “Al mamzar Park” just to relax. You can find both cheap hotels in Dubai as well as luxury hotels in Deira. The nights at Deira are equally lively with streets lit with sparkling lights, you can have your favorite food and drinks. Last but not the least, Deira is known for its Gold-souks. Wishing to buy cheap and original Gold, then Deira is a right choice.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach, with its pleasant environment, is indisputably one of the most admired as well as regularly visited traveler destinations in Dubai. The beach has been named since it falls in Jumeirah District. The beach is well equipped with many water-sports activities like wind surfing, water skiing or scuba diving. Apart from this amazing and scintillating beach you can’t ignore Burj Al Arab, a seven star hotel, also called 8th wonder of the world, by many. Other attractions of course are a Palm shaped, manmade island and Jumeirah Mosque for its typical architecture designs. Jumeirah beach is connected by metro and bus service.get updated, visit for more details.

Dubai Marina

Where to stay in Dubai

It is one of the new tourist spot in Dubai. It is like a shopping park where you can stroll in between picturesque buildings and Malls. Dubai Marina has come up as new destination for residents also, because of its amazing ambience. Skyscrapers and amazing architectural designs look even more stunning in enlightened nights. You can also hire a yacht to explore the waterfront areas of Dubai Marina. You can find lot of best hotels in this picturesque area.